Wednesday, February 4, 2009

city and sabbath rest

Hello, this is Jude TW, just checking in after signing up. My current interests, after living the past 20 years in a barrio in LA, are questions of sustaining ourselves for the long haul, thus my articles on "Sabbath rest in a 24/7 city." So much of the spirituality literature focuses withdrawal. While I do believe in withdrawal from the city, jsut as Jesus went away from the crowds to lonely places to pray, I also want to see how God meets me on the concrete sidewalks.

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  1. Jude,
    Thanks for your comments and for contributing to my first blogging attempts. I remember that John tried to get me to do this years ago.

    Tell me more about your thoughts on spirituality in the city.

    Where have you and John found God on the sidewalk lately?